We demystify the complex world of digital and help you better understand your market, your business, and your customers.

engag3d helps businesses drive their marketing across creative and technology. We do this by offering a 'done for you' platform and service that effectively automates basic marketing and communication functions for an organisation. The key difference between marketing automation software and engag3d is that this platform is focussed on 'actually doing your marketing for you, including creative input'.

Give us a go, strap in and experience the future of marketing technology. We call it 'Intelligent Marketing'.

What makes us unique
  • Done for you

    Marketing platform that does actual marketing!

  • Emotive messaging

    People are emotional. So is our messaging.

  • Insights driven

    Driven by insight, not just analytics.

  • Customer engagement

    Interaction ≠ Engagement. Building preference is key.

  • Human curation

    Because machine based creation needs a human touch.

  • Campaign automation

    Automatic automation. Minimal manual input needed.

Crew so far
Roop K Bhadury, CEO, Founder

Roop has been a 'startup guy' for most of his professional career and this is his 3rd startup. He's lived and worked in Australia, India, Singapore and the US and has led multi-disciplinary and multi-geography teams through his ventures. Roop's passionate about building solutions that make the technology disappear from view, leaving only the customer and the solution in view.

engag3d is being built on the same vision, one where the technology works in the background to enable a large part of a business' marketing, including creative elements. He can be reached on roop at engag3d dot com as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Dev Zaveri, Engineering

Dev is a Software Engineer with experience in web development and expertise in front end technologies as well as backend technologies. His technical interests lie in full stack web development, infrastructure management, database architecture & design and software testing. Dev was also a co-founder for an online advertising company (Edgevertise) with Roop that they ran for nearly 5 years.

Vinay Sastry, Infrastructure

Vinay is a cloud solutions architect with exposure to a range of private and government organisations in the consulting, telecommunications, banking, education, advertising and financial industry segments. While his initial mandate is to set up and drive engag3d infrastructure, he is also increasingly operating in a strategy development role.

Kyle Akerman, Account Service

Kyle is a rare mix of engineering and marketing with an MBA from Booth (University of Chicago) and a BS in Electrical Engineering. He possesses deep expertise in analytics and has the ability to apply detail and yet keep sight of the bigger picture. Kyle has worked with engineering majors like Motorola before transitioning into his hybrid technology marketer avatar.

Vivek Srivastava, Design

Vivek works with a holistic view of the creative process backed with design experience across 14 years in multiple industry verticals, designing interactive user experiences. He has mentored design teams and managed creative production for corporate websites, portals, learning projects and brand campaigns. He leads the design team at engag3d.

Naveen P Singh, Design

Naveen is a creative pro with 9+ years of experience and is passionate about innovative graphic artistry, evolving new styles and methodologies to produce high caliber designs. He works closely with the product team as well as on client facing designs.

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