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Marketing is hard. Improving your marketing is harder still.
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Marketing automation platforms are manual. Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars in time and money a year only to end up with basic digital communication. Engag3d is an autonomous marketing platform that eliminates the need for manual setup and management using components called SmartSkills, that do the work.
What are SmartSkills?

SmartSkills are packaged sets of workflows, emails and insights that perform specific communication functions automatically. The platform handles most of your digital marketing needs with minimal to no configuration! This equates to a 90% cost saving and 10 times improved efficiency.

Strap in and experience the future of marketing technology!


SmartSkills from Engag3d are the perfect set of skills to get your marketing communication to the next level with advanced pre-configurations and insights. Designed specifically for small and growing businesses, these skills will free you up and save you tens of thousands of dollars every year!

Multi-tier enquiry and response management

Enable cutting edge enquiry management on your website with automated responses with timely reminders. Measure customer interactions, determine interests with smart segments for use in future communication.

Here's what you get:

  • Detailed enquiry planning with multiple filtered options, up to 2 tiers deep
  • Up to 20 pre-configured emails and reminders setup based on contact options
  • Detailed, decision based campaign setup for email delivery and tracking
  • Smart segments configured to provide a dynamic view of customer interactions
Content tailored to customer interests

Are open rates still the main metric for your newsletters? Sending the same content to everyone? No more. NewsSmart auto-configures and splits your audience into sub-segments based on interest and interaction history! No more repetitive news.

Here's what you get:

  • Up to a 2, 4 or 6 section, Newsletter with easy editing and automated smart builds
  • Up to 2 bespoke designs with up to 2 design revisions
  • Automated segment splits based on measured interest and interactions
  • Split your newsletter from your 4th newsletter and see your engagement soar!
Build, grow and engage your audience

Build, grow and engage your audience with LeadSmart pro. This skill automatically communicates with your existing list as well as new members using preconfigured landing pages, auto responses, reminders and interaction analysis.

Here's what you get:

  • Automated communication to new as well as pre-existing contacts
  • Communication links through to landing pages built for purpose
  • Preconfigured and embedded form with multi-option element in landing page
  • Campaign managed emails and reminders for all new and existing contacts
Powerful and painless event communication

Build community, run events and drive nuanced, automated communication with this pro skill from Engag3d. All the challenging and cumbersome aspects of event management are taken care of by this SmartSkill. Just turn up!

Here's what you get:

  • An event page per event with embedded registration form
  • Multi-option, multi-event registration forms with automated communication
  • Automated registrant communication pre and post registration
  • Integration with 3rd party event tools like EventBrite and many more


The add-ons set of SmartSkills from Engag3d enhance your plans and give you extra capability to manage your referral campaigns and have a professionally developed website inside Engag3d's highly scalable platform, saving you valuable time and thousands of dollars each year.

Help your customers help you

Getting a customer referral is like gold dust. Also, it's not that straightforward to set up a referral program and the communication overhead that goes with it. Until now! Engaging Customer Referral Programs. Done.

Here's what you get:

  • Comprehensive smart referral campaign with pre-configured referral incentives
  • Detailed program landing page with built in, multi-option form
  • Smart segments configured to provide comprehensive referral tracking
  • Multiple emails per-configured with reminders based on referral page form
Step up to a multi-page site that scales

Take your website to a different level with a multi-page bespoke site with WebSmart. This is the perfect scale up website for your small business. With smart visitor tracking, automated page builds and more, this is no ordinary site.

Here's what you get:

  • Up to a 12 page WebSmart site to cover your entire product/service offering
  • Up to 2 design or refresh options with up to 3 design adjustments
  • Automated visitor tracking and integration with 3rd party analytics tools
  • Website hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) on scalable infrastructure
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