Emotion in messaging

engag3d is a data-driven marketing platform that generates emotion based creative messaging for businesses. It semi-automates the creation of short form content and uses in-depth analytics to continually improve it's effectiveness.

Marketing tools

engag3d is built on the vision that marketing tools should be more than the technology of delivering content. Through ongoing market research, we offer a self learning solution that builds, tests and delivers content across ads, social media, emails and landing pages.

The light switch

We offer a 'light switch' style solution through the platform that delivers the insights and results that businesses care about, while hiding complexity behind a clean and easy to understand user experience. It's a 'done for you', build, measure and learn system.

We demystify the complex world of digital and help you better understand your market, your business, and your customers.
What makes us unique
  • Done for you

    Marketing platform that does actual marketing!

  • Emotive messaging

    People are emotional. So is our messaging.

  • Insights driven

    Driven by insight, not just analytics.

  • Customer engagement

    Interaction ≠ Engagement. Building preference is key.

  • Human curation

    Because machine based creation needs a human touch.

  • Campaign automation

    Automatic automation. Minimal manual input needed.

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