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Scale your business with
emotion based messaging.
Supercharge your marketing and drive customer engagement with Smart automation
Engag3d generates, tests and delivers marketing messages across ads, social media, emails and landing pages using a mix of smart marketing tools and human curation. This is all the marketing you need.
Automated Marketing with smart components
A self configuring Marketing platform that does your marketing.
Radically improve your marketing with a self learning solution. Generating content is hard. Knowing what to say, and saying more of what works and less of what doesn't, is harder still. Get Engag3d!
The Light Switch
We offer a 'light switch' style solution through the platform that delivers the insights and results that businesses care about
while hiding complexity behind a clean and easy to understand user experience. It's a 'done for you', build, measure and learn system.
Let there be light. Flick a switch
Switch on your marketing with Engag3d.
Everyone can use a light switch. You don't need to know how electricity is generated and transported to use one. Get the results and insights you care about, wrapped within a 'done for you', build, measure and learn system. No Agency needed.

Insights driven

Driven by insight, not just analytics.

Done for you

Marketing platform that does actual marketing!

Human curation

Because machine based creation needs a human touch.

Emotive messaging

People are emotional. So is our messaging.

Campaign automation

Automatic automation. Minimal manual input needed.

Customer engagement

Interaction ≠ Engagement. Building preference is key.

Our Clients
Let's make a story together
We understand that you might not be ready to become a customer right away (we'd love it if you do, of course!). We'd like to invite you to join our monthly 'Customer stories' update. This isn't a newsletter, but a peek into how we are working with our customers, what's worked, what hasn't and exciting upcoming product updates.
The core elements that we are trying to achieve are in the areas of what we call 'smart automation' and 'emotive content generation'.

A system that generates brand element infused marketing messages (slug lines in ad speak) for ads and social media posts using pre-validated emotion aligned message components. The content can be updated automatically based on expected versus realised outcomes.
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