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No more do-it-yourself marketing.
Welcome to Smart automation
Smart Automation powers your marketing with smart skills to completely automate your digital marketing.
The Engag3d marketing platform uses Smart Automation to drive customer engagement, acquisition and retention. No more need for website hosting, website designers, CRM software, email marketing software, marketing automation software, social media software, software implementation partners or market research firms.

Smart skills enable you to automatically track interactions, understand behaviour and personalise communication. Finally, a marketing platform that does your marketing.
Let there be light. Flick a switch
Switch on your marketing with Engag3d.
Everyone can use a light switch. You don't need to know how electricity is generated and transported to use one. Get the results and insights you care about, wrapped within a 'done for you', build, measure and learn system. No Agency needed.

Web Smart

No need for web designers or web hosting again!

Contact Smart

Make your website respond on your behalf! No, it's not chat.

News Smart

Make your news matter. Engage customers with content that counts.

Email Smart

Be ready to respond with customised emails.

Campaign Smart

Targeted communications and promotions that happen automatically.

Report Smart

Metrics that improve your marketing.

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We understand that you might not be ready to become a customer right away (we'd love it if you do, of course!). We'd like to invite you to join our monthly 'Customer stories' update. This isn't a newsletter, but a peek into how we are working with our customers, what's worked, what hasn't and exciting upcoming product updates.