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Full Stack Engineer
What we want you to know
We care about solving challenging problems. We are building a product that makes real difference in the lives of our customers and their users. We care deeply about the craft of software engineering. We want to become better at what we do, individually as well as collectively.

Working in our engineering team means you will be in the engine room, building the product, feature-by-feature that will forever change the way our customers do digital marketing.

This means getting into our customer’s shoes, understanding their problems and situations at a deep level, seeing what they experience on a daily basis and developing product features that will make their lives easier. In doing this we strive to use best-practices of coding, documenting, reviewing code and while we do this we keep an open mind and do not afraid to try new things.
This Position
All members of the engineering team are expected to participate in development activities, including design discussions and code reviews. For foreseeable future this position focuses on building the side of the product our customers use and our goal is to tailor the user's experience and bring the designer's concepts to life. However, in future there may be specialisation as the product canvas is large.

We are looking to have someone who has experience in building dynamic web applications; must be able to assure technical feasibility of UI/UX designs; build reusable components; build distributed, API-driven systems and apply security best practises.
You will fit in well with us if you:
  • Live anywhere in India and are well-connected to the Internet. If you happen to be in Pune, Delhi or Noida then that just means you can meet some of our team members. We are a distributed company. Although our product design and engineering team work out of Australia. Going forward it may not be so. We are a company that will be working with people who fit into our team wherever they may be. We just work with people in different time zones.
  • We use English as our language of business. So it is very essential that you have good command over your English speaking and writing skills. You must be able to articulate complex ideas and concepts efficiently and effectively. You need to pay extra attention to how you communicate because people are not working in one office and do not see each other face-to-face.
  • Have a solid technical background. You should have at least five+ years of professional software development experience, should care about software engineering practices and write high-performance, reusable code for UI components. You should be able to point to track record of having solved challenging problems.
  • Feel very comfortable using any of front end javascript frameworks - Angular, Vue.js or React and have experience withJavaScript, jquery; Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS with experience of CSS frameworks (Less or SASS); Experience with Node.js in terms of building APIs. Strong knowledge of front end build tools and package manager.
  • Also have knowledge of the Git version control system, Unit test frameworks (e.g. mocha or chai or sinon or casper or jasmine, etc.); Cloud-based IaaS (e.g. AWS); some Containerisation experience (eg Docker); Understanding of data stores (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis); Experience working with NoSQL database and microservice architecture.
  • Can point to a track record of interesting open source projects that you can discuss, some of which ideally available in repositories for discussion; building NodeJs APIs,; working with microservice architecture in general; having personal public repositories to discuss is going to be a bonus, NoSQL experience MongoDb, dynamoDB; AWS lambda, api gateway and/ or serverless framework.
Have experience with Docker and how to use it in the context of Node.js micro-services and have really good understanding of Linux ecosystem with ability to manage servers.
  • Value humility and have an open mind. Ideally know what it is like to work in distributed development teams, or better still, thrive in them. It probably means you already know you don't need a structured office environment with a manager who checks in on you once a day. Likewise, you know that you will do best from your home office.